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Barack Obama - Eleventh (Final) President-Elect Weekly Transition Address free essay sample

Liberal Arguments Against the Death Penalty The issue with capital punishment was on distinct showcase a week ago in Arizona. Nobody debates that Joseph R. Wood III carried out an awful wrongdoing when he murdered his ex and her dad in 1989. The issue is that Woods execution, 25 years after the wrongdoing, turned out badly as he panted, gagged, wheezed, and in different ways opposed the deadly infusion that should kill him rapidly however delayed for about two hours. In an exceptional move, Woods lawyers even engaged a Supreme Court equity during the execution, seeking after a government request that would order that the jail oversee life-sparing measures.Woods broadened execution has many reprimanding the convention Arizona used to execute him, particularly whether it is correct or wrong to utilize untested medication mixed drinks in executions. His execution presently joins those of Dennis McGuire in Ohio and Clayton D. Lockett in Oklahoma as sketchy uses of capital punishment. In every one of these cases, the sentenced men seemed to encounter delayed enduring during their executions.â A Brief History of the Death Penalty in America For nonconformists the bigger issue isn't the way obtuse the technique for execution is, however whether capital punishment itself is unfeeling and uncommon. To dissidents, the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is clear. It peruses, Over the top bail will not be required, nor unreasonable fines forced, nor coldblooded and strange disciplines perpetrated. What isn't clear, nonetheless, is the thing that merciless and surprising methods. Since the beginning, Americans and, all the more explicitly, the Supreme Court have gone to and fro on whether capital punishment is brutal. The Supreme Court adequately found capital punishment illegal in 1972 when it administered in Furman v. Georgia that capital punishment was frequently excessively self-assertively applied. Equity Potter Stewart said that the irregular way that states settled on capital punishment was equivalent to the arbitrariness of being struck by lightning. In any case, the Court apparently switched itself in 1976, and state-supported executions continued. What Liberals Believe To nonconformists, capital punishment is itself an attack against the standards of radicalism. These are the particular contentions nonconformists use against capital punishment, including a promise to humanism and balance. Nonconformists concur that one of the crucial underpinnings of an equitable society is the privilege to fair treatment, and capital punishment bargains that. An excessive number of variables, for example, race, financial status, and access to satisfactory lawful portrayal, keep the legal procedure from ensuring that every one of the denounced gets fair treatment. Nonconformists concur with the American Civil Liberties Union, which expresses, capital punishment framework in the U.S. is applied in an out of line and out of line way against individuals, to a great extent reliant on how much cash they have, the ability of their lawyers, race of the person in question and where the wrongdoing occurred. Minorities are undeniably bound to be executed than white individuals, particularly if the casualty is white.Liberals accept that passing is both a remorseless and strange punishment. Unlike traditionalists, who follow the scriptural tit for tat convention, nonconformists contend that cap ital punishment is just state-supported homicide that abuses the human right to life. They concur with the U.S. Catholic Conference that we can't encourage that murdering isn't right by slaughtering. Dissidents contend that capital punishment doesn't decrease the commonness of brutal crimes. Again, as per the ACLU, most by far of law implementation experts studied concur that death penalty doesn't prevent vicious wrongdoing; an overview of police boss across the nation discovered they rank capital punishment least among approaches to diminish savage crime...The FBI has discovered the states with capital punishment have the most noteworthy homicide rates. The ongoing capital punishment executions have graphically delineated these worries. Shocking wrongdoings must be met with firm discipline. Nonconformists don't scrutinize the need to rebuff the individuals who perpetrate such violations, both so as to confirm that terrible conduct has outcomes yet in addition to give equity to casualties of those wrongdoings. Or maybe, dissidents question whether capital punishment maintains American beliefs or abuses them. To most nonconformists, state-supported executions are a case of an express that has grasped savageness as opposed to humanism.

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Subsurface Layer Characterisation Research

Subsurface Layer Characterisation Research SUBSURFACE LAYER CHARACTERISATION FOR ENGINEERING PURPOSES USING VERTICAL ELECTRICAL SOUNDING IN BANANA ISLAND, LAGOS, NIGERIA OLADUNJOYE, H.T., 2OLALEYE, A.O. Unique Seven (7) vertical electrical sounding stations along two navigates were utilized to contemplate the profundity to equipped development for establishment of designing structures in Banana Island of Lagos. The examination is intended to disentangle the nearness of issue soils that can be antagonistic to structures.  The sounding information utilized in this investigation was obtained utilizing Schlumberger Electrode Configuration. The VES information were deciphered into a model bend utilizing forward demonstrating programming called Winglink. The translation parameters (layer resistivities and thicknesses) for each VES point were assembled into three geo-electric areas to speak to the 2-D models of the subsurface layers in the investigation territory. The last translation results (resistivities and profundities) demonstrated as geoelectrical areas and pseudosections were looked at inside the reviewed region and related with the borehole log-inferred profundities to decide a likely profundity for establishments of tall structure. The examination inferred that the geophysical examination is of extraordinary noteworthiness in incomplete bend coordinating understanding procedure gives the most reliably low rate deviation mistake edges among the three VES primer translation methods. There is steady increment inside and out expectation mistake, with profundity, in all the translation strategies. Presentation Geophysical resistivity methods depend on the reaction of the earth to the progression of electrical flow. In all techniques, an electrical flow is gone through the ground and the subsequent potential anodes permit us to record the resultant potential contrast between the flow terminal is estimated. The evident resistivity is then a component of the deliberate impedance (proportion of potential to current) and the geometry of the cathode cluster. Contingent on the review geometry, the obvious resistivity information are plotted as 1-D soundings, 1-D profiles, or in 2-D cross-segments so as to search for irregular locales. In the shallow subsurface, the nearness of water controls a great part of the conductivity variety. Estimation of resistivity (converse of conductivity) is, all in all, a proportion of water immersion and network of pore space. This is on the grounds that water has a low resistivity and electric ebb and flow will follow the easiest course of action. Expanding immersion, expanding saltiness of the underground water, expanding porosity of rock (water-filled voids) and expanding number of cracks (water-filled) all will in general abatement estimated resistivity. Resistivity estimations are related with fluctuating profundities relying upon the partition of the present and potential anodes in the overview, and can be deciphered as far as a lithologic as well as geohydrologic model of the subsurface. The decision for Direct Current (DC) resistivity study in this venture is because of its capacity to give a fast brief picture of lithological and groundwater qualities regarding its clear resistivity differentiate. In this work the electrical resistivity character gathered were model with Winresist and Winglink reversal programming. The layers parameters (resistivities and thicknesses) acquired from information handling were then altered with Winglink to give two-dimensional pictures of the subsurface clear resistivity variety (Pseudosection). Nonetheless, information on the topography of the territory from obtained borehole log has assumed a fundamental job in deciding the best fit model. MATERIALS AND METHOD OF STUDY The vertical electrical resistivity is utilized to decide the subsurface resistivity appropriation and profundity of the sub-surface layers with the guide of electrical resistivity meter. In this examination, Schlumberger cluster of electrical resistivity strategy was received due to the ease of the field activity, decreased coordinations labor and furthermore quicker. A sum of Six (6) vertical electrical sounding (VES) were estimated inside the zone. The resistivity estimation is taken by presenting little bit of power through two current cathodes (An and B) and estimating the resultant voltage drop between a couple of potential anodes (M and N). A basic determined estimation of evident resistivity is the parameter bearing the data for the qualities of the dirt (Tonkov, 2008). From the establishment of electrical resistivity hypothesis is the ohms law (Grant and West, 1965; Dobrin and Sarvit, 1988):    â â â â â â â â (1) Where Ï  is the resistivity, R is the opposition, L is the length of the directing chamber and An is the cross sectional region. For the strong earth, whose material is overwhelmingly comprised of silicates and essentially non conveyors, the nearness of water in the pore space of the dirt and in the stones cracks improves the conductivity of the earth when an electrical ebb and flow I is gone through it, subsequently making the stones a semi conductor.â Since the earth isn't care for a straight wire and it's anything but an anisotropic, at that point Equation 1 can be redone as:  â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â (2) Where change in voltage and r is the span of current cathodes side of the equator. Since the earth isn't homogeneous, Equation 2 is utilized to characterize a clear resistivity which is processed as the result of the geometric factor and the obstruction recorded in the electrical resistivity meter and resistivity the earth would have on the off chance that it were homogeneous (Grant and West, 1965;):  â â â  â â  â â â â â â â â â (3) Where, 2ï€r is then characterize as the geometric factor (G) fixed for a given anode setup and is subject to the terminal game plan. The Schlumberger terminal setup was utilized for this examination. The geometric factor is consequently given as:  â â (4) Where AB is the separation between two current terminals, MN is the separation between two potential anodes. Area AND GEOLOGY OF THE STUDY AREA The investigation territory is situated in the south-eastern piece of Lagos State between Latitudes 6â ° 25 to 6â ° 28 North of the Equator and Longitudes 3â ° 24 to 3â ° 30 East of the Greenwich Meridian (Fig.1.1). The investigation region Lekki and its environ issituated inside the western Nigeria waterfront brooks and tidal pond created by boundary sea shores related with sand testimony (Pugh, 1954). It shapes some portion of the Lagos tidal pond framework known as the biggest of the four tidal pond framework in the bay of guinea coast (Adepelumi and Olorunfemi, 2000). Banana Island is a counterfeit island in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is situated in the Lagos Lagoon and appended toward the North-Eastern Ikoyi Island by a committed street strip which is connected to the current street organize. The banana-formed Island is around 1,630,000 square meters in size (not exactly a square mile) and is separated into 536 plots (of somewhere in the range of 1000 and 4000 square meters in size) basically masterminded along circular drives, so intended to upgrade the verifiably private nature of Ikoyi. Banana Island is a counterfeit island recovered from bits of the Lagos Lagoon, topographic rise acquired at the site found the middle value of 4 meters above mean ocean level. The investigation territory is situated inside the beach front area of Nigeria with an atmosphere of long wet season (April to October) and short dry season (November to March). Normal yearly precipitation is above 2000mm and fills in as a wellspring of groundwater energize. The zone is vulnerable to flooding after substantial precipitation during the wet season. Nigeria lies in a broad Pan-African versatile belt which isolates the West African and Congo Cratons. The belt is deciphered to have developed from the mainland impact between the West African craton and the Pan-African belt (Black et al., 1979; Caby et al., 1981). Geochronologically, the Precambrian rocks of Nigeria can be gathered into four significant classes (Liberian Orogeny 2800  ± 200 Ma, Eburnean Orogeny 2000  ± 200 Ma, Kibaran Orogeny 1100  ± 200 Ma and The Pan-African Orogeny 600  ± 150 Ma). These classes relate with the four orogenic occasions that have punctuated the Precambrian history of Africa (Odeyemi, 1979). Figure 2.1: Regional Geological Map of Nigeria (Modified after Ajibade et al., 1988) Beach front Nigeria involves two sedimentary bowls: The Benin-Dahomey bowl and the Niger Delta bowl isolated by the Okitipupa edge. The stones of the Benin bowl are mostly sands and shales with some limestone which thicken towards the west and the coast just as down plunges to the coast. Ongoing residue are underlain by the Coastal Plains Sands which is then underlain by a thick dirt layer the Ilaro Formation and other more seasoned Formations (Jones and Hockey, 1964). The Coastal Plains Sands spring is a multi-spring framework comprising of three spring skylines isolated by silty or clayey layers (Longe et al., 1987). It is the principle spring in Lagos Metropolis that is abused through boreholes for residential and modern water flexibly. The sedimentary rocks of Lagos State are made out of five (5) sedimentary arrangements (Jones and Hockey, 1964) viz: Abeokuta Formation, Ewekoro Formation, Ilaro Formation, the Coastal Plains Sands and the alluvial stores. The waterfront fields sand otherwise called the Benin Formation extends over the Dahomey bowl into the Niger Delta Basin. The topographical developments of the examination zone made out of silt set down under fluviate, lascustrine and marine situations. These dregs grade into each other and change broadly in horizontal degree and thickness (Adepelumi and Olorunfemi 2000). Longe et al., (1987) grouped the spring into three sorts. Quantitative understanding of the bends included halfway bend coordinating utilizing two-layer Schlumberger ace bends and the aux

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How Can You Write an Essay in an Hour?

How Can You Write an Essay in an Hour?If you want to prove a point to a professor or for a school assignment, then how can you write an essay in an hour? The easiest way is to divide the essay into smaller sections and to write it one at a time.When you start the essay, you'll need to start with an introduction. In an hour essay this should be shorter than the other sections. You can even skip this section if it's only for personal interest.The next section would be the body of the paragraph. You can add a few lines on your topic by telling what your main point is and what you want the reader to take away from it. Begin with the main idea. Then you can show how the main idea is supported by other facts and give examples. Do not use the sentence structure you see in the textbooks or grammar books.You can also provide an outline of your main point with supporting facts. This is useful when you need a little space to write. But be careful not to include too much and make the writing too lengthy.When you are finished with the body of the paragraph, then you can move on to the topic of the paragraph. You can use many examples of the main topic and your supporting points. Use sentences that will make it easy for the reader to understand. Do not skip any information you need to present.When you have finished the paragraph, you can add a few important points that you want to mention. Some people like to use italics to highlight important facts, but you can just put them on the front of the document and then put your name under the bold text.Sometimes you need to get the reader's attention and the last section of the essay has to do with the conclusion. You can also use statistics and charts to support your conclusion.When you want to write an essay in an hour, make sure you do not forget anything. After a little practice you will be able to write an essay in an hour. With some practice you will be able to write more than one paragraph at a time.

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The Importance of Developing a Personal Vision - 676 Words

Personal Vision: A personal vision is a clear picture of the actual self in the future or coming years since it gives a description of the purpose and meaning of an individuals life. This tool provides a clear picture of and direction for the future because it incorporates every significant element of who an individual is and what he or she wants to do. As a result, personal vision acts as a directional force for an individuals actions and helps in the achievement of dreams, plans, and goals. However, a person should take time in creating his or her own vision through identifying the important aspects in his/her life, recognizing individual values, and combining these observations into a vivid, concise statement. While many organizations have combined vision and strategy as important aspects for the realization of their specific goals, vision has been given more priority than strategy. This is mainly because successful people generate their own success through developing a personal v ision and ensuring they achieve it (Mayer, 2009). Actually, without the achievement of individual success through developing personal vision and working to achieve it, it would be nearly impossible to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. Therefore, the development of personal vision is necessary for the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. For organizational leaders, the development of a personal vision is vital in helping them to develop and motivate peopleShow MoreRelatedImportance of Leadership Vision1118 Words   |  5 PagesLeadership vision [Name of the student] [Name of the institution] Executive Summary This assignment will focus on the leadership vision that how a leader should articulate his vision by adopting different ways. This assignment will provide you the importance of vision. It will also put the light on the roles of the nurses within the society. Table of Contents Executive Summary ii Leadership vision 1 Leader should articulate a vision 2 Importance of leadership vision in nursing 2 Read MorePersonal And Career Development Program1144 Words   |  5 PagesOver the past 24 weeks, the Personal and Career Development program and the internship helped me learn a lot about myself. The professional path helps me gained more confidence and experience and has given me a substantial opportunity to discover my practical and management skills. As a result, I learned about my thinking approach, decision-making ability, capacity, and time management skills. I become more confident in communicating with others, how to discuss and make effective decisions whileRead MoreLeadership Questionnaire For Becoming A Leader1261 Words   |  6 Pagesthe team for the vision of the future. An organization’s vision begins with creating and emphasizing teamwork to promote the vision of the future. An effective leader strives to set the level of performance within a team is established with clear and concise expectation which results in higher performance. Writing a personal message statement brings purpose, clarity to ones life and the direction to follow in their journey of life. The purpose of my life is achieving a personal and professionalRead MoreOverview of three levels of leadership model1266 Words   |  6 Pagespractical tool for developing leaders’ leadership presence, knowhow and skill. It aims to summarize what leaders have to do, not only to bring leadership to their group or organization, but also to develop themselves technically and psychologically as leaders. The three levels referred to in the model’s name are Public, Private and Personal leadership. The model is usually presented in diagram form as three concentric circles and four outwardly-directed arrows, with personal leadership in the centerRead MoreCase Study: Miller Co1322 Words   |  6 Pagesthrough empowering workers. Vision – To be the world’s largest brewery company, to include alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; to make Miller breweries products available to every adult throughout the world. Purpose – The Miller Brewery Company is committed to satisfying the needs of its consumers by producing alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverage giving refreshment value and joy. Mission – Miller Brewery Co mission is to refresh the world by continuously developing an awesome array of creativeRead MoreIlm Leadership859 Words   |  4 Pagesresponsibilities of the leadership role in terms of: taking responsibility contributing to overall vision and goals setting and providing guidance on values setting direction for significant programmes or projects stimulating innovation and enterprise anticipating, planning for and leading change overcoming obstacles delegating setting objectives for teams and individuals communicating and motivating supporting and developing programmes, projects, teams and individuals modelling appropriate behaviour representingRead MoreOrganizational Assessment Paper1265 Words   |  6 Pageschose to evaluate are manufacturing, service and government. I will then discuss the importance of quality to each organization, the relationship of quality to customers, the leadership commitment to quality and the alignment of quality to th e organization’s strategic goals and objectives. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (manufacturing) Wyeth Pharmaceuticals is a global manufacturing company with a mission statement, vision, goals and objectives. They manufacture medicine for the world therefore, qualityRead MoreThe Importance of Entrepreneurship and Small Business in a Worldwide Context1430 Words   |  6 PagesEntrepreneurship Report List of contents: 1 Introduction 2 Definition of enterprise, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship 3 Skills, attributes and behaviours of entrepreneurs 4 The importance of enterprise, entrepreneurship and small business in the context of the wider economy as well as the individual or team. 5 Stages necessary to evaluate a new business idea 7 Summary and recommendations 8 List of references Introduction This essay is about entrepreneurshipRead MoreMy Experiences After Attending The Practice Of Public Health Leadership998 Words   |  4 Pagesurge for personal authenticity and an appreciation of the power of vulnerability in leadership. Through personal interactions with other students and presenters as well as the group activities, I have realised that the success of the team depends on recognising each other’s strengths and complementing on the weaknesses. In addition, I have learnt that effective leadership depends on team work, incorporating people with different skills and abilities. I have learnt the importance of personal reflectionRead MoreLeadership And The Development Collaboration1146 Words   |  5 Pagesthe vision can be implemented within any leadership role. The presence of collaboration in schools are the result of principals, educators, parents, and administrative leadership in working as a team. The purpose of this essay is to explain the importance of teac her leadership, the principal s role in developing teacher leaders, and their connection to the development of a collaborative culture in schools. Effective Communication Effective communication is of utmost importance in any

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Can We Trust Our Memories - 2578 Words

Can we trust our memories? People rely on memories to make judgments on everything from voting for political candidates to deciding what to eat at a restaurant. However, memory is not always reliable. Previous research has established that memory is vulnerable and susceptible to confabulations under specific circumstances (1, 3, 9, 11, 12, 13). Misremembering information or an event can influence subsequent decisions, sometimes with drastic consequences. In order to prevent these adverse consequences, we must begin by understanding the mechanisms involved in producing false memories. There are many models of confabulation (see 7 for a review), but one of the most prominent is the source monitoring framework. This framework divides the memory into two separate components: the source memory, and familiarity. These two components interact together to explain many memory confabulations. Recalling information is not all that is required for accurate memories. Remembering the context of th e information is often more difficult and leads to higher accuracy in memories overall. This is the source memory, which requires an effortful and explicit memory of the source of information or episode (7). Memory of information or of an episode without memory of its source leaves people with only a sense of familiarity; it is this state that can lead to many errors in memory and judgment. When people only have a sense of familiarity for information, they tend to attribute it to the mostShow MoreRelatedWendy : A Very Simple Job1488 Words   |  6 Pagesof her. Trust is a sacred and integral part of humanity. Offering unadulterated trust to someone or something upon first encounter is undeniably foolish, yet it is all too common for people to give their absolute trust to technology at their first chance. It has become commonplace to overly trust technology to give us an opinion, have our private information, and be our memory. By trusting technology with these three important parts of our humanity we force dependency upon ourselves. We then, areRead MoreThe Impact of Memory on Voting Behaviors809 Words   |  3 PagesThe Impact of Memory on Voting Behaviors In The Determinants and Consequences of Recall Error about Gulf War Preferences, Mark Joslyn examines the effects of outside influences on the opinions of voters. Specifically, Joslyn explores errors in autobiographical memories of opinions of the governments involvement in the Gulf War and studies the change of opinions of individuals pre and post war. Memories are an important factor when making political decisions. It is necessary to study theseRead MorePerception, Introspection, Reason And Memory Essay1491 Words   |  6 Pagesintrospection, reason and memory. All our knowledge roots from our perception. Perception is the way humans sense the world outside the body. We perceive through our five senses: see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Humans gain knowledge through experiences and experience through perception. Usually we can trust our senses to perceive our surroundings effectively but there are times we misperceive. Illusions, hallucinations or impediments of the accurate flow of information to our senses are examples ofRead MoreMemory Accuracy Fades859 Words   |  3 Pagespeople’s memories to fade and deteriorate, but what many don’t realize is that it’s possible for memories to actually transform themselves or be created entirely. With the possibility of memories being changed or fabricated by th e human mind, can memory really be trusted? Most of us hold the view that â€Å"memory is much like a tape recorder or video recorder, holding a perfectly accurate record of what has been experienced. Nothing could be further from the truth† (Thompson and Madigan 6). Memory is amazing;Read MoreHow Do You Deal With Grief?1066 Words   |  5 Pagesand the memories of the war him and his comrades experienced. He makes it clear that most of the stories he tells can be truthful or a version of the truth. O’Brien meshes memory and his imagination to tell stories he believes the reader would find meaningful. His approach to story telling can be related to the phenomenon of false memory. In the following paragraphs we delve into how O’Brien uses his story telling technique to recount how his fellow soldiers dealt with trauma and grief. We also analyzeRead MoreThe Friendship By Albert Camus1231 Words   |  5 Pageseverything. Some people have a friend just because of their needs. Whenever they need something, they ask for it from their friends. The actual meaning of a friend can only be figured out if someone has at least one loyal friend in his/her life. Having a true and honest friend provides us a perfect definition of â€Å"friendship.† No one can exactly know the meaning of the friendship unless he has a real friend in his life. A true friend will always stay with us while other will walk away with the passageRead MoreAside From The Required Concept Of Erikson’S Theory, I986 Words   |  4 Pageschuckled recalling a memory of him as a little kid sometimes pushing the few boundaries his parents set. He enjoyed the freedom he had from a young age and of course now understands the boundaries, but found joy in pushing what limits he could. What kid doesn’t enjoy pushing the limits set for them though. Getting the memory of self-awareness for himself seemed impossible, so we went onto his children. With four kids all at different ages I’d hoped that he’d be able to pull one memory, even if it wasRead MoreFormative Assessment: Personal Development Plan with Regard to Study and Research Skills903 Words   |  4 PagesEvery person has an inner need to education. Knowledge which we can gain, allows us to know ourselves. Most of us are asking : how to learn more effective ? It is obvious, there are many different ways to develop our study skills. One example is improve verbal communication – the way we act to other people, to illustrate : it tells a lot about us if we can remember names after first introduction. If we are able to do this, people perceive us like a fair conversationalists. Relationship between studentRead MoreThe Cultural Analysis of Memento1208 Words   |  5 Pagesof amnesia investigate his wife’s murder. However, if we watch carefully, w e would find Memento involves the real social cultural background. Memento was released in 2000 when was the beginning to enter the 21st century. It was the time that technology was developing into another stage. There were many technological products in the markets. These products have changed our living ways, and in particular, they have made us record the memory in more various ways. The protagonist of the movie,Read MoreAfter The First Two Weeks Of Class, A First Year Teacher1262 Words   |  6 Pagespersonal level. What she knew about her disinterested student is that he had experienced a traumatic life event and was physically abused as a young child. He was not in a stable or safe environment for extended periods of time and found it difficult to trust adults. He was hesitant to open up and discuss his feelings. During class, he kept to himself and shut down when directly addressed. The teacher emphasized how open-dialogue and communication contributed to developing his cognitive and social skills

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Essay on Leo Africanus Book Review - 1320 Words

HIS306 Leo Africanus Book Review Leo Africanus By, Amin Maalouf In the book Leo Africanus it is a fictionalized biography of a real person, Hasan al- Wazzan. Hasan and his family were forced to flee to Fez, where he grew up and became a very well-off merchant. The book really gives a clear picture of his family life as a child, his education, his marriages, his travels, and his bitter- sweet reminiscence of exile. The narrator of Amin Maaloufs historical novel, Hasan al-Wazzan - who came to be named Leo Africanus - was born in 1488, in the weakening days of Moorish Granada. At the age of 4, Hasan and his family went into exile, like many other Muslims and Jews who declined to accept the new faith and managed to flee from†¦show more content†¦He finds a lifelong friend at school, Harun, and together they roam the streets of the city, looking for adventure. Hasan accompanies his uncle on his first tactful mission, and as their caravan roam the huge Sahara, his uncle fills in the historic gaps for young Hasan, teaching him the art of storyt elling. His tone was so reassuring, Hasan later recalls, that it made me breathe once more the odors of the Granada of my birth, and his prose was so bewitching that my camel seemed to move forwards in time with the rise and fall of its rhythms. When the uncle dies, Hasan takes command of the caravan and returns home with his first wife, while his sister Miriam is forced to the lepers quarter in Fez. At the end of the fifteenth century, however, Fez was still enjoying great commercial prosperity and was at the peak of its fame as a seat of learning, its mosques, and libraries being the resort of students from many parts of the Muslim world, it was therefore the most natural haven for the exiles from Granada. Next, his travels took him eastward across the Sahara to Egypt en route to Mecca for the Hajj, the annual Pilgrimage. On the boat trip up the Nile he met a woman who gave him the use of her house for his break in Cairo. It was there that he met and married the beautiful Nur, widow of a nephew and rival to the Ottoman caliph, Selim the Grim. â€Å"In no other city than Cairo, doesShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Moor in the Works of William Shakespeare4150 Words   |  17 Pagesliterature of the period. Moors appear not only as subject matter in writings during this time, but as authors as well. Two nooks that may have influenced peoples views of Africa were Hakluyts Principal Navigations, written in 1589, and John Leo Africanus A Geographical Historie of Africa, which was widely read in Europe in the latter half of the 1500s and translated into English by John Pory in 1600 (Bartels 435).       Hakaluyts work is characterized by descriptions of his personal

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Notes on Anil free essay sample

However, he sees people outside and discovers the Headman’s brother, Marimuthu hanging a woman, at which he is traumatised. The next day, the body has been taken down and we learn that it is Marimuthu’s wife. However, Marimuthu is pretending that his wife has commited suicide. Anil tells the village the Headman that he saw Marimuthu kill the woman and the Headman goes off to talk to Anil’s father about him. In the next section, we learn that Anil is being sent to school (a great opportunity) but it is so that the Headman can cover up his brother’s actions as a murderer. At the end, both father son explore their decisions and whether they made the right/wrong choice given the consequences. The last scene shows the Headman his brother, the Headman smiling at his brother and the brother showing relief that they got away with it. We will write a custom essay sample on Notes on Anil or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Form †¢ †¢ Omniscient narrator – allows us to learn the feelings of each of the characters – an overview of the story. Short story bildungsroman: shows the character growing up/maturing when he learns the nature of good/evil and something about morality, â€Å"I will never forget this town and the sin that it buries today. As a child, we believe in right wrong and that sins are punished. However, he learns that there is not always justice in the world, and in fact sin is metaphorically buried. †¢ Epiphany: as above: â€Å"I will never forget this town and the sin that it buries today. † (line 216. ) Structure †¢ †¢ Lines 93-95- powerful visual- cinematic description of the body shocks us- climax shocking so early in the story. Lines 41- 60- the boy’s fears are presented: father, fear of the dark, mosquito, ghosts- writer uses one word lines to reflect the tension, ‘They. Peyi. Pesase. Ghosts. ’- also ‘Dare he? ’- the omniscient narrator draws us into Anil’s mind. Lines 159-160- the second section is used to describe the aftermath where Anil finds himself accusing the murderer, ‘You killed her. ’ We are left on a cliff-hanger as we wonder what the consequences will be, ‘ about this son of yours. ’ See epiphany is form. Lines 198-202- we are now given Ragunathan’s perspective and the writer presents his confused shame as Anil is sent away. †¢ †¢ †¢ Language †¢ Lines 1-14 (opening paragraph): heat is emphasised to create a claustrophobic and confined setting, ‘hot, sweltering’- contrasts with the image of the star Anil watches, ‘a small star shone ’ as his dreams set him apart (omniscient narrator allows us to see Anil’s perspective and draws us to him. ) Lines 21-31- physical details of mother reinforce the heat and discomfort/pain of the setting and their lives, ‘wet patch layers of fat’- a child’s view amuses us ‘Wheee the fly slid down’ but is mixed with the accepted pain/violence/abuse ‘the bruisewhere Appa had hit her. ’ Lines 69- 74- symbolism of the tree- from childish view ‘ a tree that ate little children. ’ To shocking reality ‘They were hanging a woman. Lines 222- end- the worm simile used to describe how Marimuthu views the train/the truth within Anil reflects the relief he feels at having escaped justice- the heat of his wife’s injustice distorts the train and makes the image sinister, but even more sinister to the reader is the ‘shadow of a smile’ which hints that all is under control again. †¢ †¢ †¢ How to use PETER for analysis: P- The writer uses a star at the beginning of the story and after the climax of the murder to highlight Anil’s innocence and isolation, E- ‘silencing the sobs that wracked his little body, as a star shimmered above. ’ T- The repeated symbolism of the star as well as the alliteration of ‘silencing the sobs’ and ‘star shimmered’ E- draws our attention to his vulnerability and perhaps loss of innocence as he witnesses such a crime. R- We cannot help but feel pity for Anil’s character as we share his pain and terror. O- create your own other interpretation here.